Vacation Photography London

Proposal photography London taken by Tower Bridge, a popular landmark for family and couple's photography.

After that long hot steaming summer (by London’s standards) we’ve just had, winter has come as a bit of a shock.  It’s normal service resumed as far as the weather is concerned but we did eek out a few more rays of sunshine for some recent London photoshoots, one of which was Megan and her adorable family, who were here on a London vacation. 

Conversing with her through email, she told me her kids had a fascination for The London Eye and so we decided that was going to be a starting point.  

Having kids of my own, I’m aware a camera pointed at a child’s face can swing in a couple of directions: They’d either shy away or bust out with some fake smiles – and we don’t want either of those options, really.  

I always tell my client’s that the photos get better the further we are into the shoot as they get more used to the camera, and to me.  But these kids (and mom and dad) took it all in stride.  We had some great views of The London Eye and the kids kept themselves busy with fallen leaves that were still golden and made for some great pictures.  

Are you looking for a Vacation photographer in London?  Whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple or an adventurous family – and you’re looking for some great memories captured on camera, I’d love to hear from you.