1. Comfy footwear.  We’ll be walking around so make sure you’ve got comfortable footwear.  Heels, clogs, pointed brogues or whatever tickles your toes, make sure you can walk in them or bring a pair of sneakers to change into.  I promise we’ll be strolling at a leisurely pace but it’s a little have fun when your toes are being pinched.

2. Dress for You.  These shoots are all about you.  Yes, you’re in London and there will be awesome backdrops but they’re just backgrounds for the main characters – you!  It’s the same thing for your clothes.  Wear clothes that’s going to allow you to express yourself naturally.  If you’re a sweater and jeans sort of person and the thought of donning a suit breaks makes you uncomfortable, just stick with the sweater and jeans.  A comfortable and relaxed you makes for better pictures!

3. Change of outfit.  Why not mix it up a bit?  Casual then formal; relaxed then evening dress; urban to refined.  Those longer sessions (2 hours+) will give you the opportunity to visit a multitude of areas so take the opportunity to dress for the occasion.  Wear something relaxing when walking around the artsy South Bank and then change into something more formal for the evening in Soho or posh Mayfair.

4. One for families of young children.  Kids with a bellyful of food tend to be happier kids :-).  Unlike us hardy adults who can grin and bear it, kids will let you know if they have a grumbling tummy. If it’s been a while since they last had food, make sure you take a snack.  They’ll reward you with happy smiles!

4. Be yourself.  That’s the most important thing.  Just remember you’re on holiday.  We’ll have a stroll, see some sights, have a chat and I’ll give you some gentle direction.  Just be yourself and trust me to capture those precious moments.