Family Photoshoot London

Proposal photography London taken by Tower Bridge, a popular landmark for family and couple's photography.

London is an amazing destination for a family photoshoot! From its rich history and vibrant culture to its stunning architecture, there’s no shortage of iconic landmarks and photogenic settings to make your photos timeless and special. With a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, London is the perfect place to capture your family’s special memories.

Westminster is such a great area for London family photoshoots because there are so many landmarks and icons condensed into one area.  Big Ben, The London Eye, the Queen’s Guards, Trafalgar Square and countless red phone boxes make this a favourite hotspot for pretty much everyone that visits London.

Jessica from Florida contacted me to say her and little family were visiting London for a few days and would love a family photoshoot during their time here.  I recommended a 90-minute photo session as it was the perfect amount of time to maximize photo opportunities without being rushed whilst taking into consideration the needs of a toddler who doesn’t necessarily care about having his picture taken.

During our communication, she asked for advice on the best way to balance the practicalities of carrying around travel bags without disrupting the flow of the photos session, mindful of having to put down bags in busy touristy areas.  My advice: Take what you’ll need for a full day out and don’t stress about having to take the bare minimum – especially if you have young children. Your bags are by my feet when we’re shooting in busy areas (I’ll make sure they won’t be in the pictures and will keep them safe) but do keep your valuables on your person.

We took in a few of the sites and had a visited some of the friendly residents at St James’s Park (the ducks and pelicans) along the way to Buckingham Palace.